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We Make Financing Simple & Seamless

Since 2001 PAR Finance has offered a wide range of financing solutions to PAR Technology Corporation’s restaurant, retail and hospitality customers. We finance all products sold by PAR including hardware, software and services and also offer financing for other types of equipment.

We understand

We understand that every customer’s financing needs are different. That’s why we have a full menu of options, so we can create the combination that’s right for your business.

Simple & Seamless | PAR Finance

Our employees have a wealth of experience in the finance business as well as a full understanding of PAR’s financing options. This helps to make financing a simple and seamless process for PAR Finance customers.




To get started, simply complete the one-page Customer Information Form.
The form can be completed and submitted online.

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With PAR Finance, the process is simple:

The customer completes a one-page Customer Information Form. For smaller transactions, this is usually the only information required. In larger transactions where financial statements or other data is needed, we work with the customer to assemble the necessary information.

Once approval is secured, we email documents for signature. For most transactions, we use a two-page Equipment Finance Agreement. Few transactions require further documentation.

Upon our receipt of the signed documents, we authorize immediate shipment of the equipment being financed.  The customer confirms delivery and installation of the equipment, approves the final amount being financed, and the financing term begins.